Gifting Guide: Give the best notebook to the right person. 

Is it someone’s birthday or feeling thankful for someone?  What better way to show your appreciation and love with the gift of a journal? But you might be asking yourself, “Which journal should I gift?” Never fear, we have ideas for you!

1st Anniversary. The traditional gift of the first wedding anniversary is paper so why not gift a lined journal with a few reflection prompts? Here's a link for some fun prompts.

Artists. With wide-open spaces and no lines to cramp their style, a blank journal is a go-to gift for all your artist friends. Smaller journals are easily portable and can be thrown in a bag for a quick sketchbook session in the park.

New Grad. For all those just graduated from high school or college, the grid notebook is a great option for keeping track of all the lists: packing for college, things to do on the new campus, job hunting tips, networking contacts, or any ideas that strike their fancy.

New Parents. Time really flies for the parents of newborns. Help them document their memories of babies first year with a lined journal. The lines provide easy organization to keep track of a simple sentence or two about that day’s memory. Baby’s first word? Documented.

Bullet Journal Obsessed. Of course, the dot grid journal is the perfect gift for the bullet journal obsessed. The soft grey dots are unobtrusive yet provide just the right structure to make habit trackers, gift lists, weekly to-dos, or books to read layouts.

Teachers. If you’re wondering what to get your favorite teacher, a grid journal is an excellent way to show your appreciation. The grids provide just the right amount of structure for lesson plans, grading scales, class lists, and homework assignments. 

What better way to say “Bon Voyage” than with a blank journal to help your traveler document all their adventures. You could even include some of our prompt ideas for a heartfelt gift. Plus, the handy pocket in the back makes it easy to save travel mementos for future journaling. 

 Help your writer friends pen the next great American novel with a lined journal. The lay-flat set up makes it easy to jot down character notes, chapter headings, or even dialogue. 

Happy gift-giving, Paperage friends! Be sure to share our post on how to journal with all your giftees!

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