Low Stress Creativity: Sketch Your Day!

Paperage Top-Bound sketchbook with a women sketching shapes with a colored pencil.

PAPERAGE is a fan of all things sketchbooks: doodles, hand lettering, art journaling. We’ve recently discovered the idea of sketching your day or drawing your life as a mindful meditation practice or a way to document memories. 

Sometimes the pressure to “make art” in a sketch book can seem overwhelming and brings out the perfectionist in all of us. What about taking off some of the pressure and simply drawing what’s around you, at the moment? 

A great way to start this practice is by picking up a two pack of PAPERAGE sketchbooks and one of these inspiring books on drawing your day: 

Book Inspiration: 

If you need more instruction and want to take a class, here are two excellent options to get you motivated to pick up your pad and pens: 

Online Class Inspiration: 

And last, but not least, share your creations using the draw your day hashtag! 

Instagram Inspiration 

Let’s make sketching fun and no pressure, after all it’s an excellent way to relieve stress.

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