5 Ideas for Your Next Travel Journal

Travel journal depicting a trip to Amsterdam with hand drawn images of row houses and photos of tulips.

We tend to think of journaling as a private or solo activity and while there are tremendous benefits when we write for ourselves, there are also benefits when we have a shared journal. You’re probably thinking, “I could never share my journal!” and you could be right, but the type of shared journal we’re talking about is different.

A shared journal can be between spouses, between a parent and child, or even between best friends. In the spirit of spring and summer travel, how about creating a journal to share between travel buddies?

Your travel journal can also be a way to record your adventures. Include everything from your packing lists and itinerary to images of places you went or your favorite highlights from each day.

The first step is to choose a journal. We recommend our PAPERAGE Blank, Dotted, or Lined Journal so you can add photos and memorabilia to illustrate your entries. Next create your travel journal kit for all your on-the-go art needs. Final step? Start writing, here are a few prompts to get you started: 

  1. Glue in your favorite picture of the two of you, and then share a few reasons why traveling together is so important. 
  2. Describe the epic road trip you’re currently on and include a play list! 
  3. Using only descriptive adjectives, describe your friend, on this trip, in 10 words. 
  4. Write about a favorite memory each of you have made when traveling, and if you have any memorabilia, make sure to glue it in. 
  5. Each of you write about your favorite meal from the trip. Bonus if you can include a small sketch! 

Happy trails!

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