3 Tips for More Joyful Journaling

A way to improve your well-being is positive journaling or writing to spark joy! Journaling has been shown to help with anxiety, stress, and depression and while there are many techniques, today we’re concentrating on journaling to moving your joy meter to full. Here are 3 Tips for More Joyful Journaling!

Get a Joyful Journal

The first step to journaling for more joy is making sure you’re writing in a journal that brings a smile to your face. Go for a bright, cheerful color like turquoise to spark your writing. If you’re a sticker fan, go with a white journal and start embellishing with sparkly flowers.

Set Aside Space

The only way you’ll start recognizing and appreciating joy is if you make space on your calendar to honor the practice of writing. Grab your planner and block off time. It can be for 5 minutes every day or a full hour once a week, it’s what works for your schedule and keeps you coming back to your journal.

Start Writing

The easiest way to infuse your life with more joy is simply noticing what experiences you consider joyful and writing about them. If you prefer guided prompts, try The Joyful Quest’s 5 Ways to Tweak Your Practice or this holiday edition from Liz Lear.

Bonus tip:

Gratitude is a great way to re-frame negative thoughts. Check out our post Seven Tips to Starting a Gratitude Practice to read more on how to incorporate a gratitude journal into your practice.

We hope these tips to journal for more joy sparked new ideas for you and encouraged you to grab a pen and start journaling. 

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