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Create your own DIY Journal Kit

All the products you need for a DIY journal kit: gel pens, scissors, undated planner, and lined notebook.

Are you always looking for the right pen for journaling? Does it seem like your pens and journals never stay in the same spot and you’re always searching for one or the other? We’ve got an easy DIY a Journal-on-the-go-Kit. 

  1. Get yourself a container. Having the right bin to corral all your supplies makes journaling or decorating your planner so much easier. We like the Larque grey bins, perfect for crafts or office supplies. 
  2. Gather your pens. Colored pens are a must for journaling. They let you fully express your creative side and add that extra whimsy and delight to your pages. If you’re jazzing up your planner, colored pens let you code tasks, classes, or meeting notes by color for easy reference. Check out our post on 5 Ways to Make Your Planner More Joyful. 
  3. Collect a pair of scissors. Having a pair of scissors in your journaling bin lets you easily cut snippets from magazines of interesting images, motivational words, or cool colors to embellish your journal. When inspiration strikes, you want to be ready! 
  4. Choose your journal or planner. Two of our favorite go-to products are the lined journal and the undated planner. Both are excellent for list making, if you need a smaller notebook then the Lined Journal is just for you. But if you want ample room for doodles, decorations, and special flourishes, the 8.5 X 11 Undated Planner gives you extra room for your creative expression! 

          What will you journal today? 


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