A Few Fun Facts About Legal Pads

Hands holding a PAPERAGE Legal Pad with colorful writing.

Can you believe the yellow legal pad has been an office supply staple since 1888? While it has humble beginnings, the pads were born from the scraps found on papermill floors. These days, legal pads can be found everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to student backpacks across university campuses. Once only found in a standard yellow paper, red margin format, they now come in a wide variety of options.

PAPERAGE 12 Pack Legal Pads

At PAPERAGE, we’re always seeking to add more joy, more delight to everyone’s day, so we created a fresh take on the classic legal pad by adding bold, colorful bindings with premium writing sheets.

Read below to learn a few fun facts about the long-cherished legal pad:

  • A legal pad isn’t considered a legal pad unless it has a margin line, also called a down line, on the left-hand side. You can thank a Massachusetts judge for that add-on!
  • In 1982 Chief Justice Warren Burger banned 8.5 X 14 inch legal-sized documents (see ya large format legal pads!) from federal courts. Why? Theory has it the ban saved almost $16 million dollars in storage costs!
  • Maya Angelou and Barack Obama have both written their respective books by putting pen to many, many, many yellow legal pads.
  • Sam Walton of Walmart was a believer in the magic of handwritten notes to connect with employees and keep track of a growing business.

If you’re dreaming of penning the next great novel or looking to organize your thoughts, grab a six-pack of PAPERAGE’s lined legal pads to jumpstart your next big idea.

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