Stress Less with an Academic Planner

Overhead view of a variety of journals, notebooks, and pens in blue on a light purple background. The center shows on open academic planner with some notes written on the lined pages.

When it's back-to-school time what better way to get ready than with a new planner! Fresh pencils, new notebooks, and an academic planner will help you start the school year off on the right foot. Did you know using a planner can help decrease your school stress? Read on to learn how.

Plan study sessions

Decrease school stress when you develop good study habits. Let’s face it, studying isn’t always fun, especially if you forget you have a term paper due or a big exam and need to cram the night before. Good study habits include scheduling regular study sessions. Turns out consistency is key! When you use your paper planner to write down the planned sessions, you start to develop better habits that can bring a sense of calm and peace of mind.  

Write it down

Speaking of writing things down, did you know your memory improves when you handwrite notes, to-dos, and assignments? Research shows better recall and understanding when you put pen to paper. There’s nothing more stressful than forgetting you have an assignment due or finding out you read the wrong chapter. Stress less and make use of your paper planner’s weekly spread to keep all your assignments in one place. And of course, use a bright pen to write everything down.

Track your wins

Another way to combat school stress is to keep track of achievements and milestones. Maintaining a positive outlook is important to mental health as well as academic success. Write down the goals you reach and the tests you pass so you can celebrate each and every win! You deserve it! 

Set yourself up for a school year of accomplishments with a PAPERAGE Academic Planner and get off to a great start!

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