Bright Ideas: Fresh Highlighter Techniques to Try Today

Highlighters are versatile tools that can revolutionize the way you take notes, study, and express creativity. Explore life beyond boring neon yellow highlighters and bland pages. Below, we've compiled some fresh highlighter techniques that will invigorate your note-taking routine and make your study sessions more effective. Let's dive in and discover how to make your notes shine brighter than ever before.

Color-Coded Notes

Use different colors to signify specific themes or topics in your notes. This helps you quickly identify and organize information at a glance. This technique works great with everything from a shopping list to meeting notes!

Layering Brilliance

Experiment with layering highlighter colors to create new shades and gradients. This is a great technique to use for bullet journal borders and headers or to quickly add color to your sketchbook.

Mindful Moderation

Practice moderation when highlighting. Focus on key phrases or keywords to maintain readability and clarity of text or notes.

Beyond Text

Highlighting isn't just for text. Use it to emphasize graphs, charts, and diagrams, making complex information more digestible and visually appealing.

Dual-Purpose Delight

Invest in dual-tip highlighters for versatility. The fine-point end is perfect for underlining or circling words or phrases you want to revisit, while the other, broader end can be used for highlighting key information and important passages. Our Clear Tip Highlighters also offer the benefit of more precise lines with a see-through chisel tip.

Study Smart

Develop a highlighting system for studying or reading. For example, use one color for main ideas, another for supporting details, and a third for critical concepts. This aids in quick information retrieval.


Revision Magic

Highlighters are great tools for revising written work like academic papers, letters, or creative writing. During revision, use different colors to highlight changes or areas that need further attention. This visual cue makes the editing process more efficient.

Creative Expression

Get artistic! Combine highlighters with pens or markers to create doodles, borders, or other design elements. This adds a touch of creativity to your notes. We love using our vibrant Recycled Highlighters to create colorful spreads in our dotted and grid journals.

Sticky Note Solution

Pair highlighters with sticky notes to create a dynamic study or work system. Highlight key points in your notes and use corresponding colored sticky notes for additional thoughts or questions.

The humble highlighter is a powerhouse of productivity and creativity. By incorporating these innovative techniques into your note-taking arsenal, you can streamline your workflow, enhance your understanding of complex information, and infuse your work with a splash of personality. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who loves to doodle and color, there's endless potential to explore with highlighters.

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