5 Travel Journal Ideas

Now that you have a travel journal kit all set up with your favorite journal and pens, the next step is writing down all your travel journaling ideas for your next adventures. Documenting your travel stories is always easier when you come up with a game plan beforehand. Consider dedicating the front page of your journal to your 5 Favorite Travel Journal Ideas. 

Dear Diary Method.

This is a great technique for someone who loves detail and wants to document the weather, meals, excursions, and all the nitty-gritty details. It’s best done at the end of the day as you’re getting ready for bed. Your recollection will be freshest and the details will flow. How fun to look back and read all the things!

5 Senses.

This is a great prompt to connect your experience with your senses. Describe your favorite part, or two, of the day by detailing:

  • What colors did you see? (bonus point if you have a paint set and can document the colors)
  • What sounds are you hearing? (are they soft, loud or are there layers)
  • What are you feeling? (are your feet sore, does the air give you goosebumps) 
  • How does the environment smell? (does it remind you of home, are they new smells)
  • And finally, what are you tasting? (what flavor dominates, how do you want to remember it)

Memento Memories.

Remember all those pieces of paper we recommended collecting? Well, they make a great visual journey of your trip. You could wait until the end of your trip and collect them in the handy back pocket of your PAPERAGE journal, or you could sit down at the end of the day and jot down your thoughts while you glue paper mementos to the pages as you write. Would you give that show a 5-star review? What made that restaurant so great? As you glue down your bus ticket, is there a fun story you can document about the conversation you struck up with your seat mate?

Daily Routine.

Are you one of those people who wonders what it’d be like to live where you’re vacationing? What a fun idea to dedicate a page or two in your journal to make note of what a “day in the life” looks like. Where would you grocery shop? How might you get around? Where could you find the equivalent of your favorite things at home, here in this new place?

Doodles and Maps.

For the doodler and artist, why not make a map of the favorite spots you frequented during your adventure? It doesn’t need to be accurate or true to scale, it only needs to make you happy and full of joyful memories! Another way to add images is to make small doodles in your daily entries of the weather.

Happy Trails and Grand Adventures!

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