Crafting Wanderlust: Building Your Ultimate Travel Journal Kit

PAPERAGE Notebooks on an autumnal background with a suitcase, scarf & leaves.

When you document the vacations, road trips, and weekend getaways, you’re creating travel memories that last longer than just the excursion. With your own travel journal kit, keeping detailed notes of the adventure helps create the story you want to share with friends and family. It will even help you remember the experience six months down the road. In this post, we’ll share our 3 tips for creating a travel journal kit.

Tip #1 Pick out your journal.

Do you want a blank notebook or are you more comfortable with having lines to guide your daily documentation? Perhaps a dotted paper notebook is right for you? If you are sure, check out our post on How to choose the right journal notebook.

Tip #2 Save the mementos.

One of the best ways to tell your stories and document your travel memories is to save the small mementos: ticket stubs, museum passes, coasters, show programs, food labels. Store and keep track of all the keepsakes in the expandable pocket at the back of your PAPERAGE journal. 

Tip # 3 Collect your tools.

The most basic travel journal kit includes just your journal and a pen. But if you’re ready to upgrade, why not get yourself a small pouch and fill it with archival quality tape and glue, fun washi tape, colored pens, travel scissors, and a few stickers. The PAPERAGE Creative Dot Journaling Kit includes these essentials and more. These extra tools can help jumpstart your creativity as you document your memories. Fun setups here and more inspiration here!

What are your favorites for setting up a journal kit? Don't forget to read our 5 Favorite Travel Journal Ideas

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