5 Methods to Boost Your Creativity

An open PAPERAGE journal with a hand drawing with PAPERAGE markers on a dark teal background.

As Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Here at PAPERAGE, we believe we’re all creative and want to help you spark that energy. Do you need tips for jumpstarting your creative process? Banishing creative blocks? Finding your creative self? We have a whole list!

    Make mistakes.

    Creativity is fueled by experimentation, play, and things that go wrong. Did you know the Post-it Note and Penicillin were both considered failures at one time? When we make the effort to try our ideas, the mistakes show us new possibilities - who knows, you might like the mistake better!

    Get inspired.

    Surround yourself with inspiration and things that spark your imagination. Mood boards are a great way to jumpstart yourself out of a creative rut. Listening to artist interviews on creative podcasts, getting out into nature, or exploring new to you creative makers are just a few ideas.

    Make time for creative practice.

    One of the easiest ways to being more creative is to make a date with your creative self and stick to it! For some, creative practice is easiest when it’s at the same time every day, while others need to work in small blocks of creative practices throughout the day. One of the best tips to remember is “do it for the process, not the outcome.

    Write by hand.

    Record and note your ideas, dreams, and creative thoughts by hand to jumpstart your creativity. An added benefit is you can flow between writing and drawing and since a notebook is portable, you can record notes and inspiration anywhere!


    Creativity can often be blocked because we don’t know where to start. Free association, where you start with a word and without censorship, write the next word that comes to mind, is a great way to move past the block. Check out our post on mind-mapping to give it a try.

      What ideas do you want to try first? Grab your favorite journal or notebook and start your own personal list of ways to be more creative.

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