Revive Your Creative Spark: 4 Paths to Break Through Blocks & Ignite Inspiration

A hand is holding a PAPERAGE marker and drawing doodles on a sketchbook surrounded by art supplies on a green background.

Are you in a creative rut? Does writer’s block have you down? Chin up, we’ve got you covered with 4 fresh perspectives on your creativity and how to get your creative mojo back. 

Subconscious Creativity 

If we find ourselves coming back to the same problem over and over, the best way to get back in the game is to go for a walk, wash the dishes or take a drive.  Subconscious creativity comes when we’re not actively thinking about how to solve the problem, the aha moment happens when we disengage and focus on a completely new task. 

Reflective Creativity

Another way to add a layer of depth to our creative work is through reflection. We can bring fresh insight into a current creative challenge by reflecting on past creative experiences. By asking ourselves, “What could I have done differently?” or “What did I learn from this process?” we can jumpstart our imagination and boost our creativity.

Cognitive Creativity

When we start to feel the creative well has dried up, one way to dip our toe back in is by using our brain in a completely different way. If you’re a writer struggling with story plot, try illustrating or creating a graphic story board to describe the same challenge. Even if it feels outside your comfort zone, the important part is you’re expanding the way you cognitively think about your creative process. 

Emotional Creativity

Our creativity is enhanced by our emotions, especially intensely positive ones such as joy and passion. One of the reasons the Disney company displays mementos and objects from past projects is because it encourages creativity for new projects when team members are able to tap into those positive emotions. For an at-home boost, try surrounding your creative space with reminders of things that bring you joy and excitement. 

Now that you have new ways to realign with your creativity, grab your journal, and take a moment to jot down your favorite idea to enhance your creativity.

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