10 Creative Ways to Use Your Dot Grid & Graph Notebook

Overhead view of someone drawing a floorplan in a PAPERAGE Grid Notebook with graph paper.

More and more people are discovering the versatility in using a dot gird or graph paper notebook. We have a fondness for all things paper and pen so we're thrilled to see more people interested in the great grid! If you're new to the club (welcome!) & recently acquired a dotted or grid notebook, we’ve got you covered with 10 Creative Ways to use a Dotted or Grid Notebook. 

  1. Brainstorming or mind maps. If you’ve got something on your mind, a big or small decision, take your problem to the page and brainstorm your way through. 
  2. Travel journal. What better way to remember a trip than by documenting the experience with anecdotes and memories! Need ideas? Check out our post on 5 Travel Journal Ideas.
  3. Story ideas or story prompts. If you’ve hit writer’s block on your novel, try collecting story prompts to motivate your writing. 
  4. Dream house ideas. Use bright pens to sketch your dream house or glue down magazine images of your future abode. The grid paper is ideal for making scaled drawings.
  5. Wish list. Start a wish list to keep track of everything you need to remember to add to cart later.
  6. Dream journals. Leave it by your bedside to jot down those middle of the night dreams that wake you up. 
  7. Life bucket list. Fill an entire journal with absolutely everything on your bucket list. Adventure travel, couples' goals, seasonal fun are just a few of the ideas to add to your epic bucket list! 
  8. Wedding, birthday, or special event planning can stay manageable when you dedicate a special journal to all the to-dos and tasks. 
  9. Plant parent journal. If you have a window sill full of plants, or two, start a dot grid journal log to keep track of plant watering and fertilizer schedules. 
  10. Health or exercise tracker. The best way to reach your fitness goals is to write them down, plus when you keep track, you’ll be more accountable. Seeing the 30-day streaks stack up is pure inspiration!

Grab a PAPERAGE Dotted Journal or Grid Notebook and start testing out these ideas. If you need more ways to use your journal, be sure to check out our post on 5 Creative Ways to Use a Dot Grid Journal.

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