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5 Creative Ways to Use a Dot Grid Notebook

Paperage dot grid journal with friend vacation mind map.

Journaling, especially with a dot grid notebook, is here to stay and we couldn’t be happier! We have a fondness for all things paper and pen. But what to put in your new dotted notebook? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with 5 Creative Ways to use a Dot Grid Notebook. 

  1. Brainstorming or mind maps. If you’ve got something on your mind, a big or small decision, take your problem to the page and brainstorm your way through. 
  2. Travel journal. What better way to remember a trip than by documenting the experience with anecdotes and memories! Need ideas? Check out our post on 5 Travel Journal Ideas.
  3. Story ideas or story prompts. If you’ve hit writer’s block on your novel, try collecting story prompts to motivate your writing. 
  4. Dream house ideas. Use bright pens to sketch your dream house or glue down magazine images of your future abode. 
  5. Wish list. How many times you’ve said “I wish I had...” and then you promptly forget? Not anymore when you start a wish list to keep track of everything! 

Need more inspo? Check out our post 5 Easy Ideas for Using a Dot Grid Journal. Now get yourself a pack of Paperage pens, a new Paperage dot grid  journal, and start writing! 


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