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Dot Grid Journal Gratitude Lists, Plus More!

Paperage dot grid notebook with gratitude list and mandala drawing.

Dot grid journals are our favorite! They give just enough structure that your handwriting stays on point, but also let you be creative and keep track of hobby ideas or morning gratitude. 

Now that you have a new pink dot grid journal, here are 5 ideas for how to use it! 

Blush Paperage dot grid journal

  1. Keep track of all the book you must read or movies on the watch list. 
  2. Craft journal to keep an ongoing list of all the sewing, knitting, embroidery, or art projects you want to start.  
  3. Gratitude lists, either daily or one big one! 
  4. Write down all your favorite inspirational quotes. When you’re feeling down, you’ll have a hand journal to perk up your spirits. 
  5. Share it with family and have each person write down a favorite recipe. 

With so many ideas to try, you might need several journals for all your interests! Be sure to check out our other posts with even more ideas. 

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