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How to choose the right journal notebook

How to choose the right journal notebook

Our world is a digital one with apps for everything and screen time at max. But over here at Paperage, we’re all about paper! While the digital is all very convenient, we’d prefer a notebook for journaling or our daily to-do lists, but with so many options, how do you choose the right journal notebook?

Journals come in many different formats: blank, lined, or dotted.  Here’s the low down on all the different types of journals and why you might want one, or all of them. 

Blank Journals 

The tried and true blank journal notebook gives you a blank slate to start your journaling practice. Plus the lack of lines lets you embrace an anything-goes mindset. You can write, draw, glue in pictures or mementos, anything you want! 

Lined Journals 

A lined journal provides more structure for your handwriting. With a variety of widths, you can approach journaling, note-taking, or your to-do list in a tidy and orderly manner. Check out this one made with recycled paper!

Dotted Journals 

A dot grid notebook is the happy medium between blank, grid, and lined journals. The faint dots allow for straight, level handwriting with the added benefit of giving you the structure to add in diagrams and charts. The dots also let you easily create bullet notes and checklists.

And sometimes the best journal notebook isn’t actually a journal, it’s a sketchbook! If you crave a larger format for your journaling creativity, try writing in a sunny yellow sketchbook.

Take this fun quiz that links your writing habits with your perfect journal! Once you’ve decided which journal notebook best suits you, check out our tips on how to use them.

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