Links We Love: Art Journal Inspiration

View of an open sketchbook with colorful doodles and a blue card with hand written notes taped to the left page. A hand is drawing a yellow flower with a pink gel pen. A cup of pens and colorful papers are surrounding the open book.

Art journaling is the best of two worlds – text-based journaling plus visual art-making! An art journal is a fabulous way to document your experiences creatively through the use of words, images, and mark making. It gives you an opportunity to play and experiment with new ideas, colors, and supplies.  

If you’re new to art journaling or just find yourself in a creative rut, we’ve gathered some fun, motivating art journal inspiration below.

If you're ready to try your hand at art journaling, our PAPERAGE Blank Journals, Sketchbooks, and Pens & Markers are a great way to unleash your creativity and make your ideas shine!


Image from honeyypotion@honeyypotion

Image from Linda Marcille

Image from Rain and Colors on Instagram@rainandcolors

Image from Gisellle Journals on Instagram@gisellesjournals

Image from Martha P on Instagram@shesjournals

Image from Jo Cauldrick on Instagram@themoon_journal

Image from Dalenas on Instagram@its.dalenas

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