5 Dot Journal Page Ideas

PAPERAGE Open Dotted Notebook on pink background with a stack of journals and dual-tip markers.

Dot grid journals are so versatile! They give just enough structure to help your hand-writing or layouts while leaving ample room for your creativity. 

If you're new to dot journaling, check out these 5 ideas for how you can fill your new notebook:

    1. Keep track of all the books you want to read or movies on your watch list.
    2. Create an on-going list of all the craft or art projects you complete this year.  
    3. Gratitude lists, either daily or an on-going list
    4. Write down all your favorite inspirational quotes. When you’re feeling down, flip back to these pages to perk up your spirits. 
    5. Share your journal with family and have each person write down a favorite recipe or memory.

    With so many ideas to try, you'll quickly fill up your dot journal with many memorable pages you'll enjoy coming back to again & again.

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