A Guide to Pens & Markers for Journaling

PAPERAGE Colorful Pens & Markers

One of the best feelings in the world is receiving a brand-new journal. The crisp new pages are begging for your ideas, creativity, and imagination, but what pen should you use? With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start so we've compiled a quick guide to help you select the best journaling pens & markers.

1. Gel Pens

Smooth gel ink feels great on our 100 gsm notebook pages. We love having a rainbow of colors to pick from when journaling. Great for writing adding cute lil doodles to your page. Takes a few seconds to dry to become smearproof but ink appears bold & vibrant. We also love the metallic and neon inks for fun accents!

2. Felt Tip Fine Liner Pens

An excellent choice for small, detailed writing and drawing. Dries quick & writes smooth every time.

3. Brush Pens

A perfect choice if you're looking to practice hand-lettering in your journal. The flexible tip allows quick thin-to-thick brush strokes for beautiful script lettering. The PAPERAGE Brush Pens also include a fine liner tip so you can add accents and doodles to your lettering art.

4. Chisel Tip Pens

Another great pick for the lettering artist. The chisel shape makes calligraphy a breeze. It's also a great pick for bold and colorful heading and accents in your journal. The PAPERAGE Dual-tip Markers include a smaller felt tip end for writing lists or underlining your writing.

PAPERAGE Clear View Dual-Tip Highlighters

5. Highlighters

Soft, translucent markers or highlighters are a staple for your journaling toolkit. Create calendar headers, spread borders, page accents & so much more with highlighters. A dual-tip set makes it easy to switch between coloring small & large areas.


6. Ballpoint Pens

A tried and true classic. Great for writing long long journal entries.

7. Pencil

Another classic must-have for your journaling toolkit! We recommend starting any bullet journaling layout with pencil before inking with your pens & markers.

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