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The Best Planner for Goal Setting and Habit Tracking

Paperage wiro planner with goals page.

For the goal oriented, get things done person, using a 24-Month planner is a great way to realistically set and make your monthly goals come true! For long-range planning, you need ample space to put your dreams in writing so you can stay on track. Set yourself up for success and follow these 3 steps to getting the most out of your long-range planner. 

Step 1: Goals 

Start the goal setting process by journaling and brainstorming your big ideas, hopes, dreams, and wishes for the year. Pick two or three that can be turned into goals and then identify the action steps. Set aside a Saturday afternoon with your favorite beverage and the Paperage 24 Month Planner to write them on the dedicated goal sheets. And remember to check in regularly so you stay on track! 

Paperage 2022 -2023 monthly planner in a rainbow of color choices.

Step 2: Habit tracker 

One of the reasons we don’t reach goals can be our underlying habits. For instance, if you set a goal to read 10 books in the next year, but you never seem to have enough time, try tracking small, doable habits such as read 15 minutes every day. When we see an action item, we’re more likely to complete it. Plus, checking off the numbered bubble is satisfying and motivates us to continue the streak! 


Step 3: Monthly Layout 

The Monthly spread is where it all gets done. Lined date blocks let you detail your appointments, to-dos, and meetings. Pro tip: Use colored pens to code your items for an easy, at-a-glance visual reminder of what’s happening that day. The notes sections have a variety of uses, you can keep track of important thoughts, or boost motivation with an inspirational quote.  

Monthly planner page of a Paperage Wiro planner.


You’re off to a great start and we’re cheering you on! Head into the year with a new Paperage 24-Month planner and pack of gel pens to reach those goals! 


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