Selecting the Best Planner for Your Goal Setting Style

 Guide to Planners by PAPERAGE

There are a lot of options when it comes to planners. It can be a bit overwhelming, but we're here to help you find the perfect planner for you! We created our planners with a focus on functionality and simplicity. Just enough to help you set and accomplish your plans & goals without distractions or frustrations. Read on to learn about the different planners we offer and how you can find the one that matches your goal-setting style!

PAPERAGE 2 Year Planner

The 2 Year Planner

For the goal-oriented, get-things-done person, using a 24-Month planner is a great way to realistically set and make your monthly goals come true! For long-range planning, you need ample space to put your dreams in writing so you can stay on track.

PAPERAGE Casebound Planner

The Journal Planner

For the journaler that needs a little structure. The weekly planner format offers a practical framework for scheduling and tracking activities. The dotted page on every weekly page makes it easy to incorporate journal entries, reflections, habit tracking, and creative expressions in a cohesive and visually appealing manner. This planner is great for someone who finds bullet journaling fun but a little overwhelming to do from scratch.

PAPERAGE 1 Year Weekly Planner

The Spiral-bound Weekly Planner

A great pick for the person with lots to schedule & track on a daily basis. This planner format provides a comprehensive overview of the entire year broken into spacious monthly & weekly spreads. The weekly layouts offer ample space for jotting down daily tasks, events, and notes, enabling efficient time management. Other features for the goal-oriented planner: goal-setting & habit tracking pages, holiday lists & space for extra notes. The size is perfect for taking it with you anywhere.

PAPERAGE Academic Planner

The Academic Planner

Designed for students and teachers with ample space for assignments and appointments & thoughtful bonus pages like the class tracker. It covers 17 months from August to December so it can also be a great pick for someone who prefers to start their planning in August instead of January. The monthly tabs and spiral binding make it easy to navigate & use.

PAPERAGE Undated Planner

The Undated Planner

An excellent option for the free-form planner. Each page features a lined area and a checklist space. You can start with a brainstorm in the lined section then organize your goal into actionable tasks in the checklist space. The area at the top of each page allows you to select the month, day and year so you can look back & plan ahead accordingly.

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