5 Creative Hobbies to Expand Your Horizons

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Cultivating hobbies is a wonderful way to enhance your well-being and experience personal growth. To ignite your everyday creativity, we've curated a list of easy-to-try hobbies that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home—with a touch of organization and inspiration from PAPERAGE products!

Bread making 

Making bread is a delightful and easy-to-learn skill that adds both flavor and creativity to your routine. Document your bread-making journey in a PAPERAGE Lined Notebook, noting down variations and your favorite recipes. Expand your skills by trying Challah or creating beautiful focaccia bread art with veggies for a delightful garden pattern.


Dive into the world of embroidery, a hobby that requires no prior artistic skills. Start with a beginner stitch sampler and explore the basics. Sashiko embroidery is another easy-to-learn style; our PAPERAGE Dotted Journals are perfect for sketching out your embroidery designs and keeping track of your progress.


Discover the meditative and creative world of knitting with Purl Soho's Learn to Knit Kit. Once you're hooked, continue building your skills with projects like a chunky hat. Stay organized and track your yarn stash and needle inventory in a PAPERAGE Dotted Journal.


Capture moments and unleash your creativity with photography. Use your phone to explore composition skills and tell captivating stories. Keep track of your photographic adventures in a PAPERAGE Journal, noting down prompts and ideas to inspire your next shot.

Hand Lettering 

Engage in the joyful hobby of hand lettering, boosting eye-hand coordination. Kickstart your practice with a PAPERAGE Grid Journal & Dual Tip Brush Pens. Great tools to get started in calligraphy or script lettering. Elevate your postal mail with your newfound skills & follow along with beginner tutorials to learn new ways to creatively letter.

As you try out new hobbies, keeping notes in your journal about what you liked, supplies needed, and ways to expand your skills can motivate and help you flourish. What will you try today?

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