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New Hobbies to Try

Hobbies can vastly improve your wellbeing and help you flourish, especially during challenging times. To help foster your everyday creativity we’ve come up with a few hobby ideas that are easy-to-try at home!  

Bread making 

Making bread is an easy, and delicious, skill to add to your hobby line up. Once you get the basics down there are many options to expand your creativity. Keep track of the variations of bread you try in a lined notebook so you can refer back to your favorite recipes. What about trying your hand at Challah and braiding your bread? Or how about super easy focaccia bread art and embellish your dough with veggies for a delightful garden pattern. 


Embroidery is an excellent hobby and you don’t need to be artistic to give it a try! One of the quickest ways to pick up this skill is with a beginner stitch sampler that will introduce you to the basics. Sashiko embroidery is another easy to learn style, here’s a great round-up of tutorials


Not only is knitting creative, it’s also very meditative. If you’re ready to try your hand at knitting, check out Purl Soho’s Learn to Knit Kit with everything to get you started. Once you get rolling with knitting you won’t want to stop and this chunky hat is a great way to continue building skills. Stay organized with a dotted grid journal to keep track of all your yarn stash and needle inventory!


They say the best camera is the one you have with you and don’t we always have our phones? So let’s get creative and work on our composition skills at the same time.  Tell a story on the macro level or challenge yourself by seeking out prompts to jump start your photographic eye.  

Hand Lettering 

Not only is hand lettering a hobby that inspires joy, it also improves your eye-hand coordination! To start your practice, we recommend our lined or dot grid journals and this beginner’s tutorial. Then elevate your postal mail with your new skills.  

As you try out new hobbies, keeping notes in your journal about what you liked, supplies needed, and ways to expand your skills can motivate and help you flourish. What will you try today? 

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