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Links We Love: Sketchbook Inspiration

Paperage side bound sketchbook with artist working on drawing.

Creativity takes practice and the best place to practice is your sketchbook. But there are days when motivation and inspiration lags and you’re just not sure what to draw in a sketchbook! Well, this post is chock full of inspiring sketchbooks, to start why not check out the Instagram hashtags #sketchbookinspiration or #sketchbookexplorations? 

We’ve also curated a list 5 go-to-artists that make us want to pick up our pens and sketchbooks! 

Black and white sketch from Instagram account @b_e_e_p_s

Photo: @b_e_e_p_s 

Sketchbook image from Instagram account of @sarahvandongenillustrations

Photo:  @sarahvandongenillustrations 

Instagram account for @gemma.colorblue

Photo:  @gemma.colorblue 

Instagram account of @studio318

Photo: @studio318 

Sketchbook image of Instagram account @scisketcher via @urbansketcher

Photo: @scisketcher via @urbansketcher

Treat yourself to a new Paperage sketchbook (they come in 2 packs!), then set aside 15 minutes every day and try your hand at a new technique!  

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