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How to make a smash book
Paperage scissors being used to cut a decorative paper embellishment.

Do you know how to smash book? A smash book, also known as a glue book, is a way to creatively express yourself with no rules! We’re all for making and keeping track of life's memories and we believe it should be fun and make you smile. What is a smash/glue book you ask? 

It's similar to scrapbooking because you’re documenting life experiences, but different because you can follow your own rules. It can be messy, out of sequence, and make no sense to anyone but yourself. 

Check out #gluebookjournal or #smashbooking for more inspiration. It’s an easy two-step process to get you started: 

  1. Gather Your Supplies. You’ll need a blank journal, dot grid notebook, or a sketchbook, plus scissors, glue sticks, washi tape, stickers. You’ll also want pretty paper, magazines, and paper memories such as receipts, ticket stubs, maps, postcards, photos. 
  2. Get to Gluing. There are no rules! Here are some ideas:
  • Sort through the paper memories you’ve collected. Does one spark your interest? Glue it to pretty paper and then glue that to your smash book. Grab a bright marker and make note of why you hold this memory close to your heart. 
  • Gather inspiration from your favorite washi tape. Make 3-5 frames on two pages of your notebook. Flip through a few magazines and tear out images or words that inspire you and glue them inside the frames. Now when you need a quick way to boost your mood, you can flip to this page in your journal. 
  • Check out Katie the Creative Lady for more ideas all things smash books! 

Set yourself up with all the supplies you need for a glue book journal kit and stock up on scissors and pretty pens. 



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