How to Craft a Mind Map for Your Best Ideas
Image of an open notebook with a template of a mind map.

Have you ever had the experience where your mind is swirling in thoughts and you can’t focus? Or maybe you feel stuck about a decision or creative project. We sure have and are happy to report mind mapping is a great tool to move you forward. Check out the benefits and how to create your own mind map below! 

Mind mapping is a visual process of brainstorming that lets you creatively explore all the possible components of an idea. Creative mind mapping has several important benefits: 

  • An excellent memory tool for those who are more visual thinkers. 

  • Prevents creative blocks or idea stagnation by sparking inspiration and imagination.

  • Provides redirection by showing you new associations between ideas.  

How to create your own mind map

Step One: In either the center or upper corner of your page write down your main idea. We’ll use Goals as our example.  

Step Two: Off the main idea are sub-categories or branches that describe major themes. In this example for Goals, the branches could be the different areas of your life: Home, Relationships, Financial, Career, or Spiritual.  

Step Three: This is when it starts to get fun! Off each of the main branches write down all your thoughts, ideas, or projects associated with the topic. For example, the area titled “Home” might include: 

  • Paint the hallway 

  • Organize the pantry 

  • Build a work from home office.  

Your ideas can be as big or small as you like, the important thing is to get them all out on paper.  

With mind mapping, you have the creative freedom to assign each branch a specific color, add images, shapes, or even diagrams to help categorize your ideas.

So grab your journal, a few colorful pens, and get started. We’re confident you’re going to set some amazing goals with this new tool! 

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