6 Classes to Improve Your Sketchbook Skills

An open sketchbook on a yellow background with 2 colored pencils and a stack of journals. A hand is seen on the right side drawing a tree with a green colored pencil. A variety of colorful scribbles are shown on the left side of the page.

Creativity needs to be nurtured and benefits from ample play time. A sketchbook can be a great place to play, explore your creativity, try out new ideas, doodle, and experiment. But what if you’re ready to take it up a notch?  What if you’re ready to learn specific techniques or stretch your comfort zone? 

It’s class time! The internet opens up many possibilities for new teachers, new techniques, and even new mediums. We’ve rounded up a list of classes with a wide variety of sketchbook topics, they’re just the thing to give you a creative jump start! 

With class in session grab a 2 pack of Sketchbooks or a Blank Hardcover Journal Sketchbook and get ready to learn. Happy sketching!

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