5 Ways to Get Through Creative Burnout

Paperage sketchbook with pen and ink image of New York skyscraper.

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.” - Henri Matisse 

Don’t let creative burnout get the best of you, try jump starting your creative inspiration, get out your sketchbook, and start a new challenge. If you don’t feel like you have any new ideas or are bored with the marks you usually put on the page, challenge your imagination with one of the following sketchbook ideas. Stretch your imagination and creativity! 

  • Taking a class is a great way to learn a new creative skill. 30 Days of Art journaling is certain to get the creative juices flowing. 
  • Have a stack of magazines? Work through them and boost your creativity with these One Magazine Collage Challenges on YouTube. A bright set of scissors will make your collaging so much fun!
  • If cozy sweaters and all things pumpkin spice are your thing, The Petite Planner offers up an Oodles of Doodle challenge 
  • Combine your love of hand lettering and art with a month’s worth of prompts with Dawn Nicole. 
  •  For a never-ending list of challenges, check out the folks behind Drawing Challenges on Instagram. 

Dedicate a special Paperage sketchbook to each challenge and then get out your gel pens or felt markers for a sketching extravaganza! Need more inspo? Check out our Oodles of Bujo Style Doodles post!

Paperage sketchbookPaperage gel pens color chart.


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