Oodles of Bujo Style Doodles

Top half shows a bullet journal layout and sketchbook coloring page and the bottom half shows Paperage gel pens lined up in a colorful row.

Doodling is a great exercise for your brain; it can go anywhere and in anything! Dedicate a sketchbook to doodles, cheer up your planner, or decorated your dotted notebook. Whether you’re a beginner, looking for inspirations, or just want to play around in your sketch book, we’ve found a doodle tutorial for every mood! 

As your confidence grows in how you create your bujo style layouts, why not try your hand at the doodles, dividers, and accents that jazz up your pages? 

Shayda Campbell provides easy doodles and beginner ideas to start your journaling journey:

Bullet Journal Doodles | Lettering + Planner Accents 

The Petite Planner takes her practice to the sketchbook and offers up an excellent video with 27 different headers: 

27 🌸NO CALLIGRAPHY🌸 Bullet Journal Headers 

She also offers a playlist of 30 Days of Bujo Style Doodles and with each video less than 10 minutes, you can build them into your everyday practice. 

Check out the epic Masha Plans Doodle Playlist! From flowers to fruit to Halloween, plus everything in between, Masha Plans provide easy to follow and inspiring images that are sure to get your creative juices going! 

Pick up a Paperage sketchbook, or dot grid notebook, and a set of bright pens and you're off to a great start on your doodling journey! 


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