PAPERAGE Blank Journal Named Best Unlined Journal in's 15 Best Self-Care Journals of 2023

PAPERAGE Burgundy Blank Journal Notebook One of's Best Self-Care Journals of 2023

PAPERAGE Blank Journal named Best Unlined Journal in list of 15 Best Self-Care Journals of 2023. The article by Michelle Pugle calls it the best unlined journal for self-care because:

"It’s simple and is offered at a reasonable price point."

More from the article:

"For those looking for the best unlined option, the Paperage Blank Journal offers an open space for you to explore. This means you can use this journal for whatever you feel will help you unwind most—whether it be taking notes, making lists, habit tracking, journaling, or writing letters you may never send. The pages are thick enough that no ink-bleeding or paper tearing will happen as you press harder to shade in sketches or underline words.

For people looking for a self-care journal, this can be a discreet and low-risk place to start. And, if you don’t know where to begin, consider looking at journal prompts and then using the pages of this blank journal to explore what comes up in your reflection time."

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