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Round The World Virtual Vacation Itinerary

If you’ve missed traveling then you’ll love our ideas for how to create a Round the World virtual vacation! These tour the world vacations are less about virtual reality and more about creating the environment, in your home, that lets you delight in the sights, sounds, and tastes of your go-to destination. 

If you’ve always dreamed of heading to Morocco, we’ve got the itinerary for you. 

To start, immerse yourself in the action and scenery of Morocco via Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Kick back with a Mint Iced Tea to keep you cool while the action heats up. Or if your pre-flight style is more the RomCom variety, settle in with the girls from Sex and the City as they adventure away. 

Start your Morocco Day Trip with a delicious, classic breakfast. Here are 10 Mouthwatering Moroccan Breakfasts to try. Plan the rest of the day’s menu and make your tummy happy with these traditional kefta kebab appetizers followed by a roast chicken and sweet lemon cake. While you’re cooking enjoy the upbeat tunes of Malika Zarra and Mehdi Nassouli.

Next, you can take a virtual tour of Marrakesh and immerse yourself in the culture with the panoramic views of the market. For more inspiration check out Alecia The Morocco Traveler or the Sahara Desert virtual tour with windblown vistas for miles 

Next up on our world virtual tour... 

To set the mood for all things French, settle in with the biopic La Vie en Rose that shares the life and times of iconic French singer Édith Piaf. Make it a double feature and discover amour alongside Amelie and while you’re at it, why not enjoy The Kir cocktail from the movie? 

One of the classic French eating establishments is the cafe with its delectable pastries. Set the table with one of these 10 French Pastries You Can Make at Home and then pour yourself un cafe while you prep the day’s menu. Where to start?  Fill your space with the enticing aromas of classic Coq Au Vin and a side of Pommes AnnaC'est Magnifique! 

As you’re immersing yourself in the fine art of French cooking, tune into the delightful Pink Martini, Stromae, or Joe Dassin. Once dinner is done and you’re ready to really see Paris take a virtual walking tour of the City of Lights or a Louvre virtual tour to immerse yourself in fine art.  

For the final destination in your three-day virtual vacation, we’re heading to the beach and ... 

Start your morning in a relaxed state of mind while you take in the beautiful island vistas with Visit Jamaica or the exquisite scenery in a virtual tour of the hilltops, beaches, and lagoons of Jamaica. Of course, this early in the morning we hope you’re enjoying a cup of Jamaican grown Blue Mountain Coffee with toto, a sweet coconut cake 

By now you’ve probably worked up an appetite for the delicious food you’re seeing. A great place to get inspiration is with 17 Recipes to Transport you to Jamaica or jump right into the classic Coconut Rice and Beans. As you cook, enjoy a playlist with classic Jamaican artists such as Damien MarleyGrace Jones, and Toots and the Maytals! 

Round out your day with a double feature movie night. You can start with the romance of an island getaway with the all-star cast of How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Then close out the evening, and your virtual vacation, with a more dramatic mystery - cue up the acclaimed Denzel Washington as The Mighty Quinn. 

We sure hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual vacation and are refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go!

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