How to Find Everyday Adventure, Part 2

These days with travel restrictions and physical distancing, we aren’t able to embark on big, grand, awe-inspiring adventures. Instead, it’s the small things in life that bring us joy. Last week's Part 1 blog post, we looked at redefining adventure and making a list of what we love to do, this week we’ll dig into how to make our everyday adventures a reality!

Establish Your First Step. The hardest part of anything new is taking that first step, especially when inertia and our daily routine prevent adventurous feelings. Pick one thing from your Everyday Adventure list and commit to it. If you’re going to do it with a group of friends, set up a way to encourage each other every day. If you’re going on a solo adventure, don’t let excuses get in your way!

Conquer Barriers. Whenever we embark on a new way of thinking, our minds always want to throw up a barrier and shut it down. Quite often it’s a fear that’s getting in our way of trying out a new adventure. Other times we make excuses about our ability or available resources as a way to not participate. The best way through our fears and excuses is to grab our journals and write them down. Once you know which is which, you can work through each and conquer your barriers! 

Make it Attainable. We all need the sweet taste of success so make sure your new everyday adventure is achievable. Take a realistic look at what you want to do: Is it bite-sized and achievable in an afternoon or Saturday? Does it need to be spaced out through several weekends so you can feel successful about the adventure? 

Remember the Feeling. Every adventure, grand or everyday, deserves to be remembered. Part of the thrill and enjoyment of the experience is taking the time to reflect back on all the memories. When you document your adventure, you can relive the feelings and sensations which will increase your chances of continuing or adding a new everyday adventure to your bucket list! 

So, grab your journal and get started by brainstorming what you think the first step in your new adventure is going to be. And then take that step - we’re cheering you on! 

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