How to Find Everyday Adventure, Part 1

The combination of COVID, quarantining, and so much uncertainty feels especially trying right now. In order to be our best creative and productive selves we need to keep our spirits up and find ways to shine.  Since we can’t embark on big, grand, awe-inspiring adventures we’re looking to the smaller things in life to bring us joy; we’re creating an everyday adventure mindset! 

What is an everyday adventure mindset? Glad you asked! It’s an outlook and mental attitude to help keep us positive and living in the present!  

Redefine “Adventure.” One of the first steps to a new mindset is redefining the terms. 

Traditionally adventure is associated with participation in an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity. Extreme sports, long wilderness treks, or mountain climbing are often associated with the spontaneous uncertainty of an experience out of the ordinary. Big adventures make a big impact but who says we can’t shake things up with a smaller everyday adventure? 

When we redefine adventure on an everyday level, we’re looking to evoke those same adventurous feelings but with smaller, closer to home activities.  Let’s get started with our mindset shift. Grab your journal and take a moment to write down what adventure means to you. What feelings do you experience? What’s your favorite part? What do you miss about big adventures? 

Do what you love. The next step to making a mindset shift is figuring out where to apply your new way of thinking. 

As we start to redefine adventure it’s important to figure out what you actually enjoy doing! Grab your journal and let’s get started: 

On the left hand side of two journal pages, list all your favorite adventures and what you love most about them. For instance, we might note a favorite adventure was trekking through France or climbing Mt. Everest. The things we loved most were camaraderie with friends, the novelty of trying new foods we’ve never eaten, and the exhilaration of physically challenging ourselves. 

On the right hand side, write My Everyday Adventures on the top of the page. Using your journaling notes that reference what you loved most, brainstorm activities you can do closer to home that evoke the same joyful feelings.  For instance, you might try cooking a new type of dish from a culture you're unfamiliar with.

Congratulations! You now have a new definition of adventure and an everyday adventure mindset, be sure to check out Part 2 on how to put it into action

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