How to be a Digital Nomad.

Do you dream of working independently from an ever-changing location? If you’re a self-starter then the digital nomad lifestyle could be made for you. If you’re curious about how to set yourself up for nomadic success, check out our five tips to get you started becoming a digital nomad.

Let’s start by defining the concept. In general, a digital nomad is someone whose work does not rely on a specific location, they are able to work in a virtual environment. They have a strong desire to do their work while traveling extensively. Some virtual nomads change their location every two weeks! The nature of their work is online, for another company, or as a freelancer providing a service or creating a passive income stream through digital products. 

With varying travel restrictions, many nomads are choosing to staying in place, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get prepared for a new lifestyle. Grab your journal and take notes as you read through our five tips on becoming a digital nomad.

  1. Reduce/Downsize Possessions: Being location independent means you need to carry what you live with. If you currently live in a house or apartment, now is the time to think about storing, giving away, or donating the material possessions you won’t be able to bring with you.  
  2. Decrease Expenses: Getting ready for the nomadic lifestyle includes eliminating debt and unnecessary monthly expenses. While this is different for everyone, areas to trim back on are eating out, subscription-based services, decreasing rent, and switching out car expenses for public transportation.
  3. Income Planning: If you have a desk job you’ll be leaving, have you thought about what type of work will replace it? The options are varied, from teaching online Englishtrading cryptocurrency, or affiliate marketing. Another option is finding employment that is 100% remote. Websites such as Remote.coRemote OK and Flex Jobs all have job listings for a wide range of skill sets. 
  4. Pick Your Destination: With COVID related travel restrictions regularly changing, you’ll want to pick your destination wisely. Keep up to date with open and closed borders on the State Department or CDC websites.
  5. 5. Community: Consider joining a community such as Nomad List or Location Indie to connect with other digital nomads for inspiration, resources, and networking opportunities.
By now your notebook is filled with ideas and information. Making a lifestyle change is a big move but we have confidence you can make the shift! 

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