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Dream Journals and Bucket Lists, Oh My!

Paperage dot grid journal with a bucket list of goals.

You've got new pens, check. A new dotted paper notebook, check. And now you’re wondering what to write about in your new journal? Sometimes it's totally overwhelming to start on a blank page, who know what you should write?!  With so many ideas out there, we’re sharing just a few featuring dream journals and bucket lists! 

  • Dream journals. Leave it by your bedside to jot down those middle of the night dreams that wake you up. 
  • Life bucket list. Fill an entire journal with absolutely everything on your bucket list. Adventure travel, couples' goals, seasonal fun are just a few of the ideas to add to your epic bucket list! 
  • Wedding, birthday, or special event planning can stay manageable when you dedicate a special journal to all the to-dos and tasks. 
  • Plant parent journal. If you have a window sill full of plants, or two, start a dot grid journal log to keep track of plant watering and fertilizer schedules. 
  • Health or exercise tracker. The best way to reach your fitness goals is to write them down, plus when you keep track, you’ll be more accountable. Seeing the 30-day streaks stack up is pure inspiration! 

Grab a three pack of Paperage dot grid journal and start testing out these ideas. If you need more ways to use your journal, be sure to check out our post on 5 Creative Ways to Use a Dot Grid Journal!

3 Pack of Dot Grid Journals


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