5 Easy Ideas for Using a Dot Grid Journal

 Paperage dot grid journal with habit tracker and doodles.

We’ll be honest, dot grid journals make us happy! Typically, journals come in blank or lined, but these journals with light grey dots hit the sweet spot! They give just enough structure that your handwriting stays on point, but also let you be creative and try your hand at doodling or an artful bullet-style journal spread.  

Dot journaling is here to stay and now that you have a new dot grid journal, here are 5 ideas for how to use it! 

  1. Set up your weekly or monthly planner. You can keep a simple list or go all out bujo style. 
  2. Start a one line a day journal. That’s it, one sentence to sum up the day. It’s that easy.
  3. Make it your go to doodle journal. Doodling has been linked to positive mental state, check out some ideas in this post!
  4. Start a list journal. Another easy way to keep track of your thoughts is listing them out. 
  5. Dedicated a special journal to Big Ideas & Dreams. When we have so many ideas, it’s good to have a one place to document all your dreams. 

 3 pack of Paperage dot grid journals in yellow.

With so many ideas to try, pick up a 3-pack of sunny yellow dot grid journals and let your ideas shine! 

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