3 Tips for Working at Home

So many of us are working from home and wondering how to set aside dedicated areas to work so we can still be productive. Transitioning your workspace from an office or school environment to the home can seem challenging, but it’s actually very doable. Setting yourself up for success can be accomplished with a few easy steps.  

Choose Your Space – Your new “office” needs to be in some way, shape, or form - separate - from the rest of your home. Whether that means closing a door or simply closing your laptop and walking away from your desk. Creating that clear ritual to the beginning and end of a workday helps to keep your work and home life apart even if you haven't gone anywhere.  

Make it Yours - Declutter your newly staked out space by clearing everything out and adding in the essentials like your laptop, a notebook, favorite pens, and work files.  Adding in some personal touches can keep you inspired, motivated, and ultimately more productive. Happy photos, your favorite notebooks, a scented candle - all help in making the day go by with a little easier. 

Comfort is King – While sitting on the couch or your bed may seem like a good idea at the time, getting set up with a good chair and adjusting your laptop height can save your posture and make you feel better at the end of the day. Making sure your screen is at or near eye level can help to prevent neck strain and back fatigue.  

A good setup can help give you a positive outlook on the day and get you focused on the work ahead. Working from home can be a real positive experience and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.  

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